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ripout dev blog 7.11

RIPOUT DEV BLOG (7.11.2023)

Hello, fellow mutants,

It’s been a while since our last dev blog, and our team has been working on Hotfixes and other improvements that we have received from everyone playing Ripout in the last two weeks. That’s why we decided to share some new things that we are working on, which include both new content and bug fixes.

New sidearm variety is something that we think is much needed in the current state of the game, so we have started with that. We are making a few new sidearms that will be added during Early Access development, as mentioned in the roadmap. Here are some of them:

RIPOUT DEV BLOG (7.11.2023)

New Weapons

Machine Pistol

Buckshot Pistol

New Module

Introducing Geist! We wanted to add more variability with a new critter that will make you and any enemy invisible. It will help you avoid some dangerous situations or have a better chance of escaping, but it will also make you more aware of your surroundings. Look twice and use your Pet scan so you can better spot monsters with Geist attached.

New Suit

We are going to be adding a lot of new types of suits, both visually different and in terms of buffs that they are providing to the player. Here is one of many that we are working on:

New Payload Objective and Level Design

As mentioned in our roadmap, we are working on delivering new types of missions, including Payload delivery type objectives and tasks.

Here are a few pieces of concept art, some new models, and an example of the first-level layouts that we’ve created.

Besides all the new content that we are working on and planning to add, we are also listening to all the community feedback,

We have been working on rolling out improvements to Weapon sounds. Assault Rifle, Shotgun, and Long Gun have been adjusted, and we have already seen you guys enjoying those guns’ feel and sound.

We are also working on changing and improving some of the current systems: 

  • Stamina 
  • Sound directional awareness 
  • Compass improvements
  • Navigation improvements
  • Easier onboarding and sector jumps
  • Weapon feel
  • Hard and Easy mode balancing
  • Lobby information
  • Quick join game

These improvements will roll out in the next few Hotfix Patches.

We hope that you are enjoying playing Ripout, and we can’t wait to see your feedback on all of the new things that we will be adding to the game.

Keep the feedback coming!

See you in the next Dev Blog!

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