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From Outer Space Comes a Thrilling Co-Op Horror Experience

After genetically engineering a powerful but dangerous bioweapon to fend off alien invaders, humanity falls victim to its own creation. You wake up in the year 2084 as one of the last surviving Earth’s soldiers, the fate of humanity resting in your hands. Will you preserve mankind’s legacy or will our race end up consumed by the sentient Cell?

Chilling Atmosphere

Wander through the halls of derelict ships filled with countless unexpected horrors lurking around every corner.

Reconfigurable Enemies

Fight hordes of twisted mutants capable of reconfiguring or strengthening their alien bodies with rogue technology and other, smaller monsters.

Living Pet Gun

Choose between different firing modes for your Pet Gun and use it as a traditional blaster or send it at your enemies in its Pet form to tear off and harness the power of their biotech yourself.

Procedurally Generated Levels

Ripout’s procedural level generation will ensure every mission you embark on offers a unique experience.

Co-Op Play

Choose between various mission types and take them on alone or with friends. Explore the unknown with your friends in action-packed 10–20 minute missions

Scaling Difficulty

Ripout’s scaling difficulty will turn even the weakest monsters in forces to be reckoned with when playing in larger squads. That ensures challenging gameplay for both solo players and full squads.

Set off on a once-in-a-lifetime journey through space and time in search of human survivors. Sanctuary holds the key. But where is it? And, most importantly, what is it? Unravel the fate of humanity alone or with friends in a co-op Sci-Fi horror experience that will scare you to the bone!

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