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Fight Side By Side With Your Trusty Pet Gun Companion

Use your living Pet Gun as a deadly blaster to destroy your enemies or unleash it in its Pet form and let it feast on their severed parts.

Be Wary of Horrors That Lurk at Every Corner

Prepare yourself for action-packed combat with hordes of genetically engineered mutants capable of strengthening and reconfiguring their bodies by fusing with rogue biotech. Take advantage of your enemies’ weaknesses or perish trying.

Turn the Power of Rogue Biotech Against Your Foe

Use your trusty Pet Gun to harness the power of the rogue biotech yourself, and turn it against your enemy. Fuse yourself with the sentient Cell and achieve unparalleled offensive or defensive capabilities.

Enjoy Endless Replayability

Enjoy dozens of hours of thrilling gameplay in search of Earth’s last remaining survivors. Never set foot on the same ship twice, thanks to Ripout’s procedurally generated level design. 

Survive Together

Team up with other survivors and explore countless derelict ships in squads. Exploring the horrors of space is always more fun with friends!

Prepare for a Challenge

Going in guns blazing will not always work! Thanks to Ripout’s scaling difficulty, full squads can expect the same level of challenge as solo players. Unless you’re prepared to plan and cooperate, don’t expect to get far.

Take a Breather in Your Cozy Hub Ship

Space is cruel and dangerous, but not unrelenting. Enjoy some old-school arcade games or have a relaxing chat with your teammate in-between missions in the safety of your cozy Hub Ship.

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