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Ripout Content Update: Patch 1.0 Update

Hello, fellow mutants,

Ripout’s 1.0 Update officially marks the end of our early access, and we couldn’t be more excited about it!

With this official release update, we are adding some new and exciting features as well as various quality-of-life improvements in preparation for the game’s full release. We hope you have lots of fun playing around with everything new in our very first update out of early access!

Ripout Update — 1.0 Update

New Kill Zone Objective

Say hello to a brand-new objective type — Kill Zone! To complete this objective, players must eliminate a specific number of enemies at certain sections of the level in an arena-style shootout.

New Levels

Going into 1.0, we have added a bunch of new levels for players to explore. Check out some previews below!

Cloud Saves

As of 1.0., we have added the ability to save your game progress in the cloud.

Updates to the Character and Save Systems

Players can now create up to 5 characters at once. So if you want to start a new adventure with your friends, you now have much more leeway to do so. 

When creating a character, players will be able to select campaign difficulty and opt-in/out of playing the tutorial.

Balance Changes

Patch 1.0 saw a bunch of rebalancing of certain enemies. We have adjusted enemy health and damage further based on the number of players in a given session and their sector progress.

Quality of Life Updates

Besides the above, we have also added some additional quality-of-life upgrades:

  • Sensitivity settings are available for both the keyboard and controller
  • ADS sensitivity settings are available for both the keyboard and controller
  • Enemy health bars can be enabled or disabled
  • Added the ADS toggle option
  • Players have more options to adjust in-game visuals
  • Added a voiceover volume option


  • Added ability for players to break free from the ensnare effect with quick melee
  • Added new font
  • Added new UI for Mission Selection and Jump sector
  • Improved IK on Swarmer
  • Improved the standing-up behavior of Zombie and Spaceman enemies 
  • Updated the destructible objectives to be auto-destroyed on melee attack or explosive damage
  • Added damage-hit indicators on all destructible objects 
  • Reduced Turret damage dealt to a player
  • Updated the destructible door to be auto-destroyed on melee attack and radial damage
  • Robot will not give more components if it’s disabled by interaction instead of destroying it with the pet or weapon

Hotfix Updates

Major Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue with Pet disappearing during the mission
  • Reworked achievement stats
  • Fixed the behavior of Mimic door to not instakill players anymore

Minor Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue where Swarmers can get stuck in big vents if they are getting shot at as soon as they exit
  • Fixed an issue with enhancements are not visible in the HUD while in the Boss fight
  • Fixed an issue with the swarmers forcefully getting thrown out of the nest when they are killed before they fully exit 
  • Fixed an issue with enemies that are venting and not facing the player
  • Fixed an issue with enemies stopping and losing the player if the player is outside the nav
  • Fixed an issue with enemies losing visibility of the players in specific situations
  • Fixed an issue with pet scan being too sensitive when there are multiple enemies as a potential target
  • Fixed an issue with Soldier doing the back leg attack when the player is close but in front of him
  • Fixed an issue with the pet going through assets in the level when traveling toward the target
  • Fixed an issue with the tutorial cutscene issue
  • Fixed an issue where Swarmer can die with the shield module attached
  • Fixed an issue with Bulwark vaulting animation being canceled if the Bulwark is attacked with a pet
  • Fixed player character animation blend to work better from landing in place to walking
  • Fixed an issue where the player can run while in scan mode with the combination of inputs
  • Fixed an issue with the tutorial character seeing “???” as his name
  • Fixed an issue with modules teleporting towards the travel locators 
  • Fixed an issue with Zombie and Spacemen standing up animation desync
  • Fixed an issue with the Evader sliding in some attacks
  • Fixed an issue with Bulwark sometimes doing the flashbang attack when already dead
  • Fixed an issue with Heavy getting stuck on the corrupted resurrection station
  • Fixed the issue with players getting stuck in the crafting station if placing it from some angles 
  • Fixed keyboard and gamepad navigation in the character selection screen
  • Fixed an issue with the player seeing a prompt to use the resurrection token when not having it available on the Boss level
  • Fixed an issue with the Dotter field turning some enemies toward the source of the field

We hope you have fun with all the new content added for Ripout’s release! Thank you for continuing to play Ripout and for all of your feedback. If you haven’t already, join Ripout’s official Discord server to send suggestions our way, report bugs, or just have a chat with the team.

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