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Ripout Content Update: New Beginnings

Hello, fellow mutants,

It’s been a while since our last major content update, but we’re happy to announce that Ripout’s fourth Major Content Update is here!

With this update, we are bringing you a revised tutorial and introducing a new AI companion, a new enemy, and many more improvements to quality of life and content. And if you’re still on the fence, RIPOUT will have a free weekend from 10am PST on April 5th to April 8th 10am PST, so make sure you check out the game if you haven’t already!

Ripout Update — New Beginnings

Tutorial Remake

Learn the ropes of Ripout in our new, fully updated and expanded tutorial. 

The story of the tutorial is expanded to help you understand the start of your journey towards the Sanctuary as well as new tips and mechanics that you will learn to be prepared for any situation that will come your way.

Ripout sneaking tutorial
Ripout tutorial room remake

Cynthia — AI Companion

Say hello to your new state-of-the-art Synthetic mind pal, Cynthia. She will guide you on your journey to finding Sanctuary.

Cynthia - AI Companion

New Enemy — Leaper

Introducing Leaper — a smaller, fireball-shooting enemy that can easily overwhelm you with its unpredictable movement.

Ripout leaper enemy
Ripout enemy leaper closeup

New Sidearm — Missle Pistol

Adding to our pool of sidearms, say hello to the Missile Pistol. This sidearm will send rapid-fire explosive projectiles toward targets.

Ripout missile pistol sidearm
Ripout missile pistol sidearm reload

New Destructible – Blockade Doors

New destructible doors are now added to the game. They will occasionally block your path toward progression or vault rooms.

Ripout overgrown door


  • We have reconfigured enemies with the ability to jump — now all enemies can jump to and from any platform and level
  • We’ve improved the vaulting system and added new animations for each enemy
  • Pet pathfinding has been reworked, so the Pet Gun will find the most optimal path to its target
  • Added some price rebalancing of all schematics
  • A new platforming task and level have been added
  • Sessions update — players can now change their session type from the sessions options while in an active session
  • Pet Gun can now attack Robots
  • All players will receive a quick notification when crafting components are picked up during the mission


Major Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue of enemies not being in the same place while in nests for the Client and the Server
  • Fixed an issue for modules disappearing when the pet is recalled right before a module is retrieved
  • Fixed an issue with the turret switching targets
  • Fixed an issue where some turrets were invisible to Clients
  • Fixed an issue with Enemies’ freezing in place
  • Fixed an issue with the Pet Gun getting stuck on the Player after throwing it toward the target
  • Fixed an issue with the Pet scan switching between targets in the scan too fast, making the targeting unreliable
  • Flamethrower weapon rework

Minor Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue with camera pitch limits after the player is resurrected
  • Fixed an issue with the quick spinning of the Armed Bandit machine not providing items
  • Fixed an issue where Clients will see an Enemy drop just by looking at the enemy before killing it
  • Fixed an issue with weapon sound attenuation
  • Fixed an issue with the Pet turret not firing when thrown for the first time
  • Fixed an issue with the Pet turret fire effect not being shown when the Pet is firing from specific angles
  • Fixed an issue with the Swarmer not seeing the player when both are next to the edge of vaulting windows

We hope you have fun with all the new content in this Major Update. Thank you for continuing to play Ripout and for all of your feedback! If you haven’t already, join Ripout’s official Discord server to send suggestions our way, report bugs, or just have a chat with the team.

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