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Ripout Content Update: Monstrous Update

Hello, fellow mutants,

It’s been a while since our last major content update, but we’ve got some good news for you! The third Major Content Update for Ripout is here!

In the Monstrous update, we are bringing you a new enemy, a new mission type, a new sidearm, and much more.

Here are all the things that have been added with this update:

New Enemy — Bulwark

Introducing Bulwark — a new impenetrable, minigun-wielding enemy type that will have you running for cover. 

ripout bulwark enemy screenshot ingame from monstrous update
ripout bulwark enemy shooting miniguns at player

New Mission — Recycler

With this update, we’ve added a new mission type with new levels to the game.

Clear up corrupted bio-canisters fed into the recycler. If you are unsuccessful, the recycler will explode, and your mission will fail.

ripout recycler mission type
ripout recycler mission type from afar
ripout recycler mission

New Sidearm — Buckshot

The buckshot sidearm is added to the game — a close-range sidearm with bigger damage output the closer you are to the target.

ripout player holding the buckshot sidearm
ripout player reloading the buckshot sidearm
ripout player shooting the buckshot sidearm


  • New enhancement pet buffs — Ammo feed and Module Scrap
  • Optimization of the current systems and features
  • Sound improvements
  • New weapon fire animations
  • New destructible station terminal


Major Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a crash for the Client when joining a session while the Host was using Pet Scan
  • Fixed an issue with enemies going into an infinite loop and not being able to attack the player
  • Fixed an issue where players who join ongoing sessions are not able to use the escape menu
  • Fixed an issue where a Heavy enemy corpse will sometimes deal damage to the player if the player is close to it
  • Fixed an issue with the loading screen appearing for the second time after players are already in the Hubship
  • Expanded the pool of what is included in the Tech and Bio scans
  • Fixed an issue with Soldiers getting unaggroed 

Minor Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue with enemies that get hacked in the middle of a charge attack and stop attacking enemies
  • Fixed an issue with critters not jumping from some edges 
  • Fixed an issue with a Soldier spawning close to the barrel and making his movement unnatural and stiff
  • Fixed an issue with Bio and Tech scan durations
  • Fixed an issue with Swarmers that are colliding with the terrain
  • Fixed an issue with Swarmers targeting player
  • Fixed an issue with the Zombie attack sound being played on the player

We hope you have fun with all the new content in this Major Update. Thank you for continuing to play Ripout and for all of your feedback! If you haven’t already, join Ripout’s official Discord server to send suggestions our way, report bugs, or just have a chat with the team.

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