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Ripout Content Update: The Gear Up Update

Hello, fellow mutants,

It’s been over a month since our last major content update, but the wait is finally over! The second Major Content Update for Ripout is here!

In the Gear Up update, we are bringing you new things you can find, craft, and gear up with to explore Derelict ships.

Here are all the things that have been added:

New Melee Weapon

Katana is added as a new melee weapon. With this melee, you won’t have a problem slashing through any monster that comes your way.

Ripout katana melee weapon

New Garments

Two new suits are added to the game: Covert Ops and Moth. Each has a unique set of buffs for each part of the suit.

Ripout covert ops and moth armor sets
Ripout player wearing the new covert ops armor set

New Pet Support Mods

Three new Pet support mods have been added as well. These support mods are passive Pet support mods that will trigger an AOE attack around you every time your Pet comes back after the attack. You can pick EMP damage, Fire damage, Acid damage, or combinations of all. With these support mods, you will have more impact while fighting multiple monsters at the same time.

Ripout weapon support mod upgrade terminal
Ripout emp support mod demonstration
Ripout fire damage support mod preview

New Hazards — Blaster Turret

A new type of Hazard turret has been added. This turret is the origin of everyone’s favorite critter Blaster. With projectile-type fire, it can pack a punch if you don’t notice it on time.

When destroyed, you can expect a Blaster to spawn, so be fast to grab it before it goes and attaches to the nearby enemies.

Ripout blaster turret level hazard

Join Ongoing Sessions

We have made it possible to now join any ongoing public session. You will be able to join as a spectator and wait for any players already in the session to revive you on a checkpoint or any resurrection station.


  • New lateral movement of enemies is added with new animations to make enemies move easier in larger groups and have more unpredictable movement.
  • Added damage reduction so players can not be one-shot on the first hit by any enemy after rescue
  • Changed the rotation of the shuttle at the end of the mission to face the exiting hangar door
  • Player Grunts — new sounds & improvements


  • Fixed an issue with [derelict_name] and [random_last_name] showing instead of the name of the derelict or last name in the descriptions of tasks and journal entries
  • Fixed an issue with player melee weapon charging heavy attack animation not showing for clients
  • Fixed an issue where if a player gets downed the pet will always go into cooldown
  • Fixed an issue with a low stamina sound that was looping and was triggered too soon
  • Lowered the volume of a low-health sound
  • Fixed an issue with some Terminals being intractable without being the task target
  • Fixed an issue with a bigger pack of Goranium components not giving the correct amount but only giving 1 Goranium
  • Fixed an issue where the last escape task didn’t count all the targeted enemies as needed enemies to eliminate for the shuttle to open
  • Fixed an issue with weapon equipment sound being played after the animation
  • Fixed an issue where a task target indicator on the Boss level was not shown
  • Fixed an issue where the Client was redirected to the main menu after Boss fight
  • Fixed an issue where the outline stayed on the boss after death
  • Fixed an issue where it was shown “Retrieve” instead of “Attack” when Pet was thrown at the Boss
  • Fixed an issue with the initial tutorial causing the main questline not to start in the first sector

We hope you enjoy exploring all the new content in this Major Update. Thank you for continuing to play Ripout and for all the feedback you have provided us! If you haven’t already, join Ripout’s official discord server to send suggestions our way, report bugs, or just have a chat with the team.

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