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Ripout Content Update: The Payload Update

Hello, fellow mutants,

The first Major Content Update for Ripout is finally here!

Explore new levels, embark on new missions, and gear up with new suits and a new sidearm weapon in the Payload Update. This update is bringing you all that and more. 

We want to thank everyone who has been playing Ripout since its release. We appreciate all of your feedback, and we are looking forward to hearing your thoughts about this update.

Here is what has been added with the payload update:

Payload Missions and New Levels

Payload missions are here – board the ship and deliver the payload to its checkpoint to extract valuable loot, new suit parts, or mission progression objectives.

But to get the best loot, you need to bring the Payload fast to its docking station. It won’t be easy, as enemies will hunt you and try to stop your payload from moving forward.

ripout payload update
ripout new payload level

New Suits

Two new suits have been added to the game: Dynastinea and Albino Dynastinea. Each includes a unique set of buffs for each part of the suit.

ripout dynastinea and albino dynastinea armor set in equip menu
ripout dynastinea and albino dynastinea armor set

New Sidearm

We have also added a new Sidearm — the Machine Pistol. This sidearm has a fast fire rate and more ammo than a Standard Pistol and Revolver, meaning that it will be best for players who don’t want to be super precise with their shots and like to spray bullets at enemies.

ripout machine pistol sidearm

New Critter

The Geist is here! A new critter that will make you or any enemy invisible for 15 seconds.

While equipped, you will be able to sneak past enemies. But be mindful of the duration of invisibility, or you will end up in some sticky situations.

Enemies with Geist will take a lot of effort to see, so be aware of your surroundings!

ripout geist critter

System Improvements and Additional Features

  • Tutorial update — we have updated the tutorial steps with a new room purposed for practicing critter retrieval and using the pet on enemies;
  • We have added an animated outline around the hints text box;
  • Enemy dodge behavior — we have updated enemy behavior with the dodge feature. Now enemies will move more unpredictably and not go in a straight direction toward the player;
  • New music themes are added for different types of ships;
  • SFX orientation is improved for enemies and environment sounds. Now, the direction of those sounds should be clearer;
  • We have enabled the functionality to skip the Credits screen;
  • We have improved the weapon recoil system and weapon spread;
  • Added camera shakes on character landing;
  • Added camera shakes for Sidearms and Axe;
  • Added new blood hit effect on all enemies.


Major Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where the Pet doesn’t do damage on a weak spot if that weak spot is destroyed before the Pet attack is done;
  • Fixed an issue that locked a Player if escape was pressed in the mission complete screen;
  • Fixed an issue with Pet stuck on the enemy with a tentacle attached;
  • Fixed an issue where players can get locked in a black screen on Boss’s entrance;
  • Fixed an issue where a self-rescue token was not given to the players on the Boss level; 
  • Fixed an issue with players getting the Boss level in earlier sectors if they completed all quests.

Minor Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue of the wrong name tag shown to the player locally;
  • Fixed an issue of Enhancement station always being available for clients;
  • Fixed an issue with FOV;
  • Fixed an issue with sidearm third-person equip animation;
  • Fixed an issue on the Boss level — the door was missing, making the players fall outside of the map; 
  • Fixed an issue with critters trying to go for windows and jump on them; 
  • Fixed an issue with Pet turret animation stopping after the first shot was fired from the Pet turret;
  • Fixed an issue of one Critter taking two spots on the enemies;
  • Fixed a visual issue where we were showing requirements on the 5th sector — Boss level;
  • Fixed an issue of Enemies getting stuck in a corrupted resurrection station;
  • Fixed an issue of Enemies starting to spawn even if you destroy the corrupted resurrection station;
  • Fixed an issue of Hazard turret being available as a Pet target after destruction;
  • Fixed an issue where all enemies were jumping while ensnared;
  • Fixed an issue where boom bugs didn’t have any VFX on the explosion;
  • Fixed an issue with the escape menu that didn’t work on the input;
  • Fixed an issue where pressing escape in the mission complete screen locks the player;
  • Fixed an issue where a dead dotter critter fires projectiles after death;
  • Fixed an issue where Soldiers could hit players through the security point door;
  • Fixed material and mesh discrepancies between the Mimic and a normal door;
  • Fixed an issue of Dotter hazard, Mimic chair, and Turret not showing damage indication numbers.

We hope that you will enjoy exploring all the new content in this Major Update. Thank you for continuing to play Ripout and for all the feedback you have provided us. For players who wish to submit feedback and engage with the developers directly, consider visiting the Official Ripout Discord server

Happy Holidays from the Ripout team!

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