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ripout dev blog update 10.10.2023

RIPOUT DEV BLOG (10.10.2023)

Hello, fellow mutants,

It’s been a while since our last dev blog update, so we wanted to share with you some interesting features and additions that we’ve added before the game goes into Early Access on October 24.

Ripout Dev Blog (10.10.2023)

New Enemy

New range enemy Spaceman has been added to the game. It is a smaller enemy, but due to its trace weapon and in combination with other monsters, it’s not something to take lightly when embarking on missions.

New Sidearm

Revolver is a new sidearm that is added. It can be obtained from pickup drops in derelict or as a mission reward. Even tho it has a slower fire rate and smaller magazine than the pistol, its higher damage grants you the ability to one-shot smaller monsters if you are a good shot, of course.

New Garment Sets

New garment sets have been added to the game. They are not only cosmetical but have some interesting buffs. They are obtained as a reward for the campaign’s completion.

New Weapon Tiers

More guns! New tiers of all base weapons have been added to the game with a new look and better stats. MK2 and MK3 weapons are something that will help you make the late-game runs much easier, so don’t wait much when you receive those schematics. Gather resources and craft them so you can have a better chance in late-game fights.

Critters Update

Critters needed some love as well, so we have added additional behavior for them when they are not attached to monsters. So be careful when you are running around not to bump into them or try to kill them; they might fight back.

Ranged critters like Blasters, Ensnarer, and Dotter now impact how monsters behave when they have them attached. This change will impact how you go about facing an enemy that has Blaster on compared to the enemy with the Shield on.

Quality of Life Improvements

A lot of UI/UX improvements have been added to the game. 

We have transferred information about what mission is going to be launched inside the Shuttle itself, making it easy to know what mission you are embarking on right before you start it.

We have moved the jump sector to have its own place with a new UI. That will also be the place where you can reset your campaign. There is no need to leave the session in order to do that now.

Tips to help you out while you are getting familiar with the game have been added, from tips about how to complete missions to how to use your pet gun. 

Additionally, we have added banners, making it easy to know when the task or objective has been completed.

New Levels

Last but not least, as some of you might have seen from our social, we have created a bunch of new, different, and interesting levels.

That’s all for now! We hope that you have enjoyed reading about all the new features and additions.

We’re eagerly waiting for you guys to jump in the game and give us feedback on all that we have been working on so we can improve and bring this game to the next level with your guys’ input.

See you in the next Dev Blog!

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