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ripout dev blog update 17.6.2023

Ripout Dev Blog (17.6.2023)

Hello, fellow mutants,

It’s been a while since our last dev blog update, but it’s that time again when we let you in on what we are working on. We were fully focused on delivering a lot of new cool features to the game based on the different feedback from the community that we received.

Ripout Dev Blog Updates (17.6.2023)

Hub Ship New Additions

Players will now be able to obtain collectibles by completing special quests.

These collectibles can then be placed in the player’s hubship, and that way, improve the look of their main base with some cool items.

Additionally, we have added a One-Armed Bandit machine. 

If players pick up the duplicated schematic while on the mission run, they will be compensated for it with the highest crafting component. With at least 3 of those components, they can use the One-Armed Bandit machine and receive new schematics to craft. 


New optional rooms that players can run into while exploring different derelict ships. If lucky enough to stumble upon one, players will be able to find schematics and other crafting material in them. But to break into the vault, you’ll need the helping hand of your trusty PetGun.

New Levels

Bridge Level

Collapsed Level

Destroyed Shuttle Bay Level

UI and UX Updates

New Pet scan UI

The new Pet scan screen has everything you need to know to better use your PetGun.

On the screen, you can get information about actions you can perform with your pet depending on what support mods you have equipped, as well as feedback if the target you are scanning is available to be retrieved or attacked.

“Pet Ready” UI indication

This quick animation of your trusty PetGun jaws will be your indication that your Pet is ready to attack again.

Changes to the Exploration System

We have changed the exploration system.

All of the task objectives and other markers are placed in the compass.

We wanted to achieve a new way of playing where players can explore more and get immersed in the environment without UI elements obstructing that.

New Mission Brief Toggle Screen

With a new mission brief toggle screen, players can now have more information about what the mission is about but also all the stats about their equipped suit, equipped support mods, and as well quantity of the crafting material that they have collected during the run.

That’s all for now! We hope that you have enjoyed reading about all the things we’ve been working on.

See you in the next Dev Blog!

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