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Ripout Q&A with Goran Rajsic week 1 illustrated

Ripout Q&A With Goran (Week 1)

Thanks to everyone who participated in our very first Ripout Q&A session. We will be holding these every Wednesday from 17–18 CET (11–12 EST) on our discord channel.

We hope to see you there next week too!

Ripout Q&A (Week 1)

1. Will there be any mimic-like enemies in Ripout?

It’s a spoiler, but yes. We will have very scary mimics.

2. Is there a release window for Ripout?

We will announce it soon, but it will be out this year for sure.

3. Will that big announcement be late this spring?

Probably late spring, yes.

4. Will we see more images and videos of the weapons and items the player uses?

Yes, we will focus on looting and weapons more in future videos. We are currently tweaking and balancing many aspects of crafting and looting.

5. How long is the campaign? How many ships will you visit?

A one-way trip through the campaign will have you visit around 20 ships, which will last for about 6 hours. However, there are many optional missions, and the game is built to encourage restarting the campaign with saved upgrades and going through the “map” multiple times. That’s why it’s all randomly generated.

6. Will there ever be human enemies with guns to fight?

We are actually discussing this option internally. There is a sense storywise for this feature. However, humans need to behave differently from monsters, so it is a huge feature. If not on launch, an update will have humans for sure.

7. Will we have any outdoor entertainment? On planets?

Not at launch.

8. Will there be early access?

No. We will release a full product. That’s why we took extra time. We want a fully polished experience that we can expand upon after release.

9. What price are you targeting for Ripout?

It will be less than AAA titles, but the price is not determined yet (it won’t be more than $30–$40).

10. What are some after-launch features you guys want to implement?

More ships, enemies, co-op options… Maybe even team vs. team if we can.

11. Is there a leveling system?

No. Just equipment upgrades, weapons, gadgets, and armor.

12. Do you have choices that affect the story? Like when talking to an NPC?

No. The story is relayed through missions and logs along the way. We are focusing on exploration and monster killing, leaving it to the players to figure out the events prior to and during the campaign.

13. Will there ever be special enemies/minibosses that may actionably spawn or special events that may or may not spawn?

Everything is random, with only a degree of control to make it fair. So every time players enter a ship, different amounts of enemies, types, and events will spawn. As for special enemies, we have enemies that are harder and appear less frequently, but not in the classic “Boss” system. At least not at the moment.

14. Will those less spawned enemies drop rarer loot than normal enemies?

The loot system is complex, and it will depend on the type of ships and progression through the campaign, as well as the monsters. Also, there is a special way to kill monsters with the pet that will reward better loot — e.g., killing enemies instantly with 2 or 3 pets in co-op.

15. How many big types of enemies do you have?

Several types, but we may still add more. But we want the enemies to be challenging when merging with smaller critters, thus becoming more powerful and gaining different combinations of abilities — like a tanky creature with long range, etc.

16. Are there just several upgrades for the pet gun, or are there any other weapons too?

The pet gun can be modified in several ways — having a new “barrel” like becoming a flamethrower or a grenade launcher, as well as adding abilities for it to be able to hack, heal, and scan.

17. Will there be more secondaries and upgrades for the secondaries?

There will be melee weapons like the axe, and a secondary weapon used when the pet is doing its thing. They will also have upgrades, and even some temporary ones found during ship runs.

18. When you kill enemies, will you get some sort of essence?

Enemies can drop ammo, health, crafting components, weapon parts, and some other items.

19. Will there ever be a sawed-off shotgun or something along those lines?

Not a sawed-off, but a very powerful shotgun is available for medium-range dismemberment.

20. Are there plans to make a revolver?

There is a pistol. A revolver sounds cool, so we might consider it in the future.

21. Can you toggle off the damage numbers that come off enemies in the options menu?

I think we will have that option. If not, we will add it.

22. Are there plans to make a trading system with players in your current lobby?

Not at the moment. It might be good for an update.

23. What’s the maximum amount of health and armor that you can get?

Still being balanced. No definite amounts yet.

24. So what are some items that would make you super powerful?

Damage increase (standard), critical chance, special bullets, EMP add-ons, healing items, stamina buffs, special pet features like turning into a stationary turret, etc.

25. Will there be a skills system, so like getting XP for killing, looting, and escaping your mission?

We do not have a classic skill tree. New skills are gained through new equipment, and some powerful ones are gained temporarily while going on missions and finding enhancement stations. They disappear when the run is over. The equipment is carried over through missions.

26. How long does a typical run take?

10-20 minutes on average.

27. Will you be able to visit any space stations?

On release, no. But that feature is a perfect candidate for an update. However, some ships are really big. Like, space station size.

28. Will there be any destroyed ship spots where it’s zero gravity or any space walk type stuff?

Destroyed spots, yes. But no zero gravity. We did think about it early on, but we decided against it and stayed more combat-focused.

29. Will there be any scary events in the game?

Yes. We will have stuff like moving corpses, machines, sounds, doors, etc.

30. Are there any plans for adding grenades into the game?

There is a grenade launcher available and some critters that can be used in a similar fashion, but no classic grenades.

31. Are there any vehicles you can drive?

Nope. We didn’t consider that one.

32. Do player characters have any voice?

We will be adding some voices in the game, so yeah — probably. We will announce it through an update trailer.

33. Has the team discussed any ideas for story DLC?

Not yet. Still working on it.

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