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Thank You for Your Feedback in Ripout Closed Beta — Here’s What Comes Next

First things first — we want to thank the entire Ripout community for participating in the closed beta and taking the time to share invaluable feedback on our Discord channel. You guys are absolute legends!

We’ve received hundreds of useful messages and feedback submissions, and we’re ready to roll up our sleeves and get the game ready for release in early 2023.

Here’s what we will focus on in the coming months (based on your feedback):

  • Updating the crafting system UI, how it works, and the availability of certain materials;
  • Improving the enemy balancing (e.g., their damage, how they interact with the player, and spawn rates);
  • Improving the feel and handling of certain weapons (e.g., aiming and hit indicators);
  • Drop rate balancing on reagents, ammo, and health;
  • Improving mission quantity and quality and enhancing the in-game progression system;
  • Adding new levels and improving old ones (mission objectives, layouts, design);
  • Improving in-game sounds, music, and atmosphere;
  • Adding more key binding and customization options (e.g., crouch toggle);
  • Improving the co-op experience (e.g., the pinging system, in-game communication, easier matchmaking);
  • Improving Pet controls and behavior;
  • And much more…

We’re looking forward to getting Ripout ready for its official launch in early 2023. Stay tuned for a precise release date, and see you soon!

The Pet Project Games Team

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