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Horror Podcasts That Will Make Your Blood Run Cold

Horror Podcasts That Will Scare You Out of Your Mind

There are a few things that can transport you back to your childhood in an instance. For some, it’s the smell of freshly baked cookies that their grandma used to make. For others, it’s a children’s book they couldn’t stop reading as kids. However, none of this is as effective as the experience of getting scared. This feeling can make you forget you’re a fully functioning adult who shouldn’t let fear consume them.

When you catch yourself, you remember that the noise you hear at night is probably some neighbor walking around their apartment or your pet knocking over something in the living room. But the horror genre is there to make us believe that a ghost, a malevolent creature, or some other kind of paranormal entity are creating that noise. Most of us have vivid imaginations, so it’s not that difficult to blame supernatural phenomena for the things we can’t explain. Luckily for all of us, this theme has been explored many times.

The horror genre has found its ways into different mediums. For years, cinemagoers have been scared out of their mind because of vicious characters they meet in films. TV shows are no exception either, especially with the increase in the popularity of streaming providers. Additionally, books have been killing the terrifying genre for years. It doesn’t surprise us that podcasts wanted to explore this scary world as well.

What’s more, podcasts are all the rage right now. In fact, 55% of Americans have listened to a podcast. We’re still discovering just how powerful this tool can be. But we can say one thing — this medium has the ability to terrify its listeners!

So, if you’re in the mood for content that will make your blood run cold, we’ve got some horror podcasts that will scare the bejesus out of you!

Alice Isn’t Dead

You’ll love Alice Isn’t Dead if you’re also a fan of mystery fiction beside horror. This podcast features a series of audio diaries recorded by an unnamed truck driver who’s searching for her missing wife and leaving no stone unturned during her quest.

The story is tragic and spooky, and the creators succeeded at transporting their audience to the highways and byways of America. In the course of the woman’s search, we meet strange serial murderers, long forgotten towns, and a conspiracy that isn’t only about her missing wife. Various forms of supernatural phenomena the woman encounters will creep you out as she tries to flee these terrifying creatures.

Although Alice Isn’t Dead concluded in 2018, it’s still one of the best horror podcasts you shouldn’t miss if you want to make your skin crawl.


From one woman’s quest for her missing wife we move to the frightening history behind common folklore. Horror podcasts are truly versatile! The next one on our list will tickle your fancy because it’s about the stories you’ve probably heard once or twice in your life.

Indeed, we’ve all grown up hearing about and retelling creepy stories that make you leave the light on while you sleep. But do any of us know where those tales come from? The critically acclaimed podcast Lore focuses on the dark history behind some of the most popular and scary stories. You know how they say — truth is often more terrifying than fiction.

Furthermore, Lore chooses one subject such as werewolves, vampires, or elves and tries to determine how humans have created legends out of them to frighten ourselves. So if you want to find out how one of your favorite stories came to be, Lore is just the thing for you!


It seems like Nightlight doesn’t get the credit it deserves like other horror podcasts on our list. But if you’re a true fan of this genre, Nightlight should be the next podcast you’ll listen to. Here’s why!

Nightlight features creepy stories written by Black writers that provide an engrossing and atmosphering experience you won’t want to miss. Each episode explores a new story and makes use of music and sound effects to ensure you’ll find it difficult to sleep after tuning in.

Additionally, some tales from this podcast veer into romance, some into science fiction, while most of them are your typical horror stories. And we can safely say that each episode is haunting and unforgettable. Expect creepy puppets and dolls, murderous mermaids, and more from Nightlight!

What other horror podcasts should you check out? Let’s find out!

The Black Tapes

Many horror fans can’t imagine this genre without some good ol’ paranormal entities. Who can blame them? Nothing can intimidate you quite like ghosts, monsters, and evil spirits. If you agree with us, The Black Tapes will be the perfect podcast for you!

The Black Tapes is a documentary-style podcast that starts as a biography of Dr. Richard Strand, a paranormal investigator. He is a skeptic who wants to debunk all claims of the supernatural. Strand owns “black tapes” — a collection of unsolved cases that feature paranormal activity. No matter how much he tries, he isn’t able to disprove this activity.

Moreover, Reagan, the podcast’s narrator, becomes interested in his unsolved cases and decides to look deeper into them. The Black Tapes explores these cases, paranormal activity, and the life of Dr. Strand. This is certainly one of the best horror podcasts, suitable for the true fans of the genre!

Welcome to Night Vale

Want a new and interesting take on horror podcasts? We’ve got just the thing for you! Get ready to visit a fictional world where anything is possible. Say hello to Welcome to Night Vale.

Welcome to Night Vale differs from other horror podcasts on our list in that it is presented as a radio show for the fictional town of Night Vale. The show reports on all strange events that happen in this place, consisting of news, announcements, and advertisements straight from the desert town, located somewhere in the Southwestern United States.

Night Vale is one of those towns you wouldn’t want to live in. It’s brimming with creepy things that trouble the population. The reason for this is that most conspiracy theories you know of are real in Night Vale.

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