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Top 12 Alien Sightings: Are We Really Alone in This Universe?

12 Most Fascinating Cases of Alien Sightings to Date

Did you ever gaze at the starry night sky, wondering what secrets the universe holds? Are we alone in this cosmos? Skeptics would say we are, but not even science would agree with them. Namely, it is highly unlikely that there aren’t other life forms out there. After all, the cosmos is so vast that the odds of us being the only sentient beings out there are negligible, right?

Well, many people would agree! That especially rings true for those who’ve allegedly already made contact! Oh, and you’d be surprised by how high that number is. There are thousands of UFO sightings every year in the U.S. alone — imagine just how many there are in the world!

You’re not worried yet? Maybe taking a look at these jaw-dropping alien sightings will change that. Let’s delve into the mysterious and dark world of the most famous alien sightings to date!

Be warned… This list is not for the faint of heart!


Top 12 Alien Sightings to Date

Belgian UFO Wave

We start our list with one of the longest-lasting series of UFO sightings ever! Between November 1989 and April 1990 in Belgium, around 14,000 witnesses reported spotting unidentified triangular shapes in the sky. These objects hovered quite low, which led people to believe that these shapes were, in fact, alien spaceships. In the spring of 1990, the Belgian military sent a few pilots to scout these objects, but the mysterious triangles quickly escaped the pilots and were never seen again. This UFO sighting remains one of the largest ones in history to date.

Rendlesham Forest

Rendlesham Forest, or, as people like to call it, Britain’s Roswell, is the most famous site of alien sightings in the U.K. What makes this sighting special is that the witnesses were high-ranking soldiers, which gave a lot of credibility to their testimonies.

In the early morning of December 26, 1980, two members of the United States Air Force saw a few lights descending toward the nearby Rendlesham Forest. The two soldiers proceeded into the forest to investigate the anomaly. According to their report, they didn’t get far before noticing a bright metallic object moving about. Although the two men later denied seeing anything when interrogated by the police, the investigators found strange markings near the site.

Several days later, several more witnesses reported strange floating lights above the forest, but the officials believed the lights to be nothing more than a few bright stars. Despite the world discarding this event as a natural event, the eyewitnesses remain faithful to their statement to date.

Hill Abduction

In 1961, Barney and Bettie Hill were going home from a field trip to Niagara falls when they saw something in the sky. It was a ball of bright light that seemed to be following them. 

The couple reached their home in Portsmouth around dawn, failing to recall the past two hours of their lives. Barney had unusually dirty shoes, while Betty’s skirt appeared ripped.

The couple later revealed a terrifying story, claiming that aliens flying in a huge metallic disc-like spaceship had abducted them. The couple even went to psychotherapy to recall the traumatic event’s details through flashbacks and drawings and remained faithful to their story ever since.

Did Barney and Bettie Hill really witness tall Gray beings with huge eyes, or did they see them due to sleep deprivation or other natural causes? Guess we’ll never know.

Japan Airlines Flight 1628

This UFO sighting is a famous one not only because it happened on a flying plane but because of the credibility of many witnesses. The incident took place in 1986 on an international Paris–Tokyo flight. The Japan Airlines flight 1628 just entered the Alaskan airspace when the pilot and the crew saw several balls of bright light, “flying as if there was no such thing as gravity.” The crew immediately contacted flight control, whose instruments found nothing in their vicinity. However, the glowing objects still flew in plain sight, clear as day, and remained for some 10–15 more minutes before mysteriously vanishing.

The pilot, Captain Kenju Terauchi, was a veteran with over 10,000 hours of flight experience, which is precisely why this incident raised so many questions over the years. Aside from him, there were many more witnesses that backed up his story, such as his co-pilot and the flight engineer.

Was this an alien sighting or perhaps some kind of military plane? What do you think?

Voronezh Incident

This UFO sighting happened in a Russian city Voronezh in 1989. Once again, this incident was another massive one as dozens of residents of Voronezh allegedly witnessed aliens and a spaceship. Some people reported seeing alien-like creatures walking in the park after landing their ship, while others only reported seeing a flying ball. The spacecraft supposedly transformed into a disc before landing. Allegedly, the witnesses report seeing extraterrestrials with three eyes and a gigantic robot. Some people even believe the aliens got what they came for… a 16-year-old boy whom they allegedly abducted. Creepy…

Tehran UFO Sightings

This time we have an encounter in the Middle East! On September 19, 1976, in Tehran, Iran, many citizens suddenly reported seeing a bright light above the city. The military was quick to send out a plane to investigate. What the pilot noticed that day would remain engraved in his memory forever!

The scout plane’s pilot first noticed his instruments failing, when a glowing UFO caught his attention somewhere ahead. At one point, the pilot saw the flying object shoot a glowing light toward him. The man thought the UFO was shooting a missile toward him, so he prepared to retaliate. However, his plane’s weapons got jammed, and he couldn’t fire back. Luckily, the pilot got away unharmed, and the mysterious flying object disappeared.

After further investigation, the officials wrote off the event as a plane malfunction and the glowing object as the planet Jupiter, which happened to be visible in the sky that night. This UFO sighting is famous as one of the best documented ones due to the sheer number of people who had witnessed the anomaly.

Westfall UFO

The Westfall UFO sightings took place in Melbourne, Australia, of all places in 1966. Around 11 a.m., around 200 children and teachers reported a strange anomaly in the sky. According to testimonies, the group from Westfall High School described seeing a large, gray, saucer-shaped object flying above them. The witnesses reported seeing the object fly over the school building and land somewhere behind the trees further ahead at The Gange.

About 20 minutes later, the object supposedly rose again and flew away to everybody’s awe. Some witnesses even claimed to have seen multiple unidentified objects, but no evidence ever turned up to confirm these testimonies.

Do you think this sighting was real or just the product of children’s wild imagination?  

Travis Walton Abduction

Now we come to yet another abduction story — and a famous one at that!

Travis Walton was one of five Arizona loggers who supposedly saw a flying saucer while driving in their truck on November 5, 1975. The group immediately stopped the vehicle and second-guessed what they saw, contemplating whether they should follow the unknown object. Mr. Walton was the only person who decided to investigate.

Travis Walton did not return from his hunt for aliens, which led to a massive search for the missing logger all across Arizona. However, five days later, Walton mysteriously reappeared as if nothing had happened and told wild stories about getting abducted by aliens. Mr. Walton quickly gained an incredible amount of publicity despite many people being rightfully skeptical of his claims’ legitimacy.

What do you think? Did Mr. Walton really have a close encounter of the third kind, or was this entire event just a publicity stunt? We might never know!

Levelland UFO Case

In 1957, a strange event took place in Levelland, Texas. On November 2–3, the local police received calls from two farmhands who reported seeing a blue flash of light while driving home. They couldn’t find its source, but soon after, they allegedly witnessed a strange egg-shaped spacecraft parked on the road as their car went out. Moments later, the UFO got off the ground and flew off. 

The police launched an investigation quickly, but they soon received more similar reports. By the end of the night, the Levelland law enforcement had received around 15 calls, describing the same thing.

Although the officials discarded these events as nothing more than the consequences of a severe electrical storm, this UFO sighting remains one of the most impressive ones in history. That was purely due to the sheer number of received reports over such a short period. 

The Flatwoods Monster’s Spacecraft

Now, this eerie alien sighting will make your hair stand on end! On September 12, 1952, three young West Virginian boys who played in the local schoolyard noticed a pulsing red light in the sky. The light rushed toward the ground and crashed somewhere on a nearby farm. 

The boys went to get help and then proceeded to investigate the crash site. The search party soon stumbled upon a glowing pair of eyes in the trees and heard loud hissing sounds. Now, nobody knows what exactly happened from there, but the witnesses reported seeing a 10-foot tall monster with claws for hands. Allegedly, the creature had a glowing green face and a bloody-red body. However, seeing as nobody got hurt from the group, the authorities wrote off the incident as a mere case of hysteria.

Do you agree with them, or do you think this could have been an encounter of the third kind?

Black Knight Satellite

This UFO sighting is the most recently hyped ones on our list and has escalated to the point of turning into a conspiracy theory! The said theory states that NASA is covertly concealing alien presence from the rest of the world. But how did this crazy assumption come to be? 

On March 21, 2017, Mail Online published an article about a series of old UFO sightings that gave birth to many conspiracies of an alien satellite floating in the Earth’s orbit. According to these theories, the vessel has been spying on the Earth for well over 12,000 years! That report rekindled the spark of conspiracy theorists worldwide. These people have been talking about numerous sightings of a mysterious black object in the Earth’s orbit for over a century now.

The earliest reports of that strange black object date as far back as 1899. However, in 1998, NASA claimed the object in question was nothing more than a thermal blanket detached from one of its satellites and had even released footage of it to the public.

Suffice to say, the UFO hunters didn’t accept that explanation. What do you think?

Roswell Incident

It’s only fair that we end our list with the most well-known UFO story in history! The infamous Roswell incident occurred in the summer of 1947. William Brazel, a rancher from New Mexico, found some mysterious scraps, chunks of plastic, and strange metal rods near one of New Mexico’s pastures.

It didn’t take long for the rumors to start flying around of an alien spaceship crashing in Roswell. People assumed that the debris Mr. Brazel found were parts of the alien vessel. Soon, the U.S. military came from the nearby Air Force base and collected the scraps. However, conspiracy theorists immediately caused an uproar, claiming that the government was trying to hide an alien presence. 

The officials stated that the scraps were merely remnants of a fallen weather balloon, but not everybody believed them. Do you?

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