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The Deadliest Alien Species That Ever Graced the Human Imagination

10 Deadliest Alien Species We Are All Glad Are Not Real

If there’s anything that movies and video games have taught us, it is that aliens rarely (if ever) have our good intentions in mind. It is strange that there aren’t many friendly extraterrestrials in modern-day culture, but is that necessarily bad? Don’t we all just love to have a good scare and a nightmare or two on top? Well, since you’re here, we assume you do!

Don’t worry; we understand the fascination for bloodthirsty, slimy, killer aliens — we share your passion! After all, giant, technologically advanced extraterrestrial destroyers of worlds are much more interesting than… well… your friendly-neighborhood E.Ts!

So if you too are a fan of the classic Sci-Fi horror bad guys, hold on to your seats, for we will take a look at ten of some of the deadliest alien species from the modern-day Sci-Fi world! Note that our picks are in no set order, so the last doesn’t necessarily mean the deadliest (or ones with the highest kill count). 

Without further ado, let’s get right into it!

10 Deadliest Alien Species We Would Never Want to Encounter

1. Klingons

Klingons aren’t that pleasing to the eye, but they do look a lot like us, so they’re a great place to start! This legendary alien species from the Star Trek canon have volumes upon volumes of lore describing their brutality. They are the warmongers of the Star Trek universe because their entire culture revolves around conflict; battling is part of their tradition! That and their skill in battle is what makes Klingons a force to be reckoned with.

However, these aggressive and merciless warriors aren’t all brawn and no brains! Quite the contrary — they boast a powerful and sizable starship fleet, which, combined with their extreme combat prowess and heightened battle skills, makes them the bane of the Star-Fleet crew and the entirety of the Star Trek universe. With that in mind, we believe they are worthy of a spot on our list.

2. The Chitauri 

This ruthless, technologically advanced reptilian race is a force only the combined forces of the Avengers managed to defeat in the MCU. That alone should speak volumes of their capabilities! The Chitauri are perhaps so formidable because they cybernetically enhance their soldiers from a very young age. Their augmentations give them armor fused with their bodies, they possess superhuman strength, and they are veteran combat strategists. When you add to that the fact that they sense no fear and have no instinct for self-preservation, you get an awe-inspiring force of extraterrestrials that never waver in the face of danger.

The above factors alone should be enough to strike fear into even the bravest of hearts. Still, when you combine the combat capabilities of the Chitauri with their technologically advanced weaponry and a massive star fleet, you’re in for a rough time. This deadly alien race managed to go toe to toe with some of the Earth’s mightiest heroes in the MCU, which should be reason enough to include them on our list!

3. Kryptonians

This alien race is probably one you’ve all heard of as it comes from the DC universe! Kryptonians might look like humans, but they are far from it. If you’ve ever read one of the comics or watched a Superman movie, you’ve undoubtedly gotten a taste of what kind of destructive power this race sports. Here are just some of Kryptonians’ abilities:

  • Superhuman strength (the limits of their strength are unknown)
  • Nigh-Invulnerability (immune to various physical trauma, extreme kinetic blasts, even radiation)
  • Immortality (as long as they live under the Sun)
  • Flight
  • Superhuman speed and stamina (can fly at speeds faster than light)
  • Super vision (including X-ray vision, Microscopic vision, Telescopic vision, and more)

With so much destructive power under their belt, a single member of this alien race could probably stand their ground against thousands if not tens of thousands of other deadly aliens on this list! It’s a good thing Kryptonians are nearly extinct, isn’t it?

4. The Zerg

This next alien species comes from Blizzard Entertainment’s Starcraft franchise! This terrifying bug-like alien species hunts and invades worlds of more advanced life forms in search of genetic material to further their evolution and lethality. But what is it that makes the Zerg so menacing in the first place? The answer is — their numbers!

If you’ve ever played as this Starcraft faction, you know very well just how much they rely on swarming their opponents. But if you thought these insectoid creatures are mindless, think again! They are no stranger to deception as they commonly hide before ambushing their foes. They attack swiftly, using their fangs, pincers, spikes, and other insectoid body parts to tear their victims apart.

And if that wasn’t frightening enough, the entire Zerg swarm is psychically controlled by a single person. Talk about an organized strike force, right?

5. Symbiotes

Oh boy, where do we even start with these unpredictable parasitic aliens? The Marvel universe is no stranger to alien species, but this one takes the cake! If there’s anything worse than being torn apart or eaten alive by a ravenous alien, being controlled by one must be pretty high on that list. And no, the superhuman strength you gain while possessed is not sufficient compensation for loss of sentience.

These gooey, slimy parasites take over an unsuspecting host’s body, twist it in their image, and leave a trail of destruction and carnage in their wake. They suffer from insatiable hunger, so they’ve had their fair share of victims. But what makes Symbiotes particularly scary is that because their host-less form is like living liquid, it’s nearly impossible to find a place that they can’t access. Good thing we don’t live in the same universe as these creepy monstrosities, right?

6. Kaiju

Kaiju are gigantic, mountain-sized monstrosities from the world of Pacific Rim. The fact that you need giant robots just to stand any chance against these ancient aliens should be evidence enough of their destructive power! Some of these creatures even make the infamous Godzilla look like a pushover!

Unlike many of the insect-based alien species that focus on overwhelming their opponents with their sheer numbers, the Kaiju fall to the complete opposite end of the spectrum. But do you know what the most frightening part is? Within the confines of the cinema screen, these towering beasts are not the invaders — we are. We sure hope no monster crawls out from underneath our oceans, that’s for sure!

7. Predators

Is there anything more terrifying than the creature that took on Arnold Schwartzenegger himself? Well, him and a small army! Do we even have to say anything about this iconic alien? Predators are ruthless, cold-blooded killers. However, unlike most other species on our list, Predators aren’t conquerors. No… they are hunters… And they enjoy every second of it!


The otherworldly technology these aliens have at their disposal is terrifying. They sport everything from wolverine-like blades, plasma cannons, and thermal sight to active camouflage. Perhaps the most horrifying thing is that these creatures prefer to take out their foes silently. If a lumbering Kaiju threatens to squash you, at least you’ll have time to say your prayers; if a Predator sneaks up on you (and they will), you will never know what hit you.

8. The Flood

If you thought the previous alien species on this list were deadly, most of them have nothing on the Flood! These aliens from the Halo franchise are a highly virulent species of parasites that spread by feeding on sentient species. The most gruesome part of these parasites is that they reanimate the fallen while maintaining the ability to use weapons and operate vehicles as if they were alive. 

So if having to kill your former comrades again wasn’t terrifying enough, the Flood is another alien race that operates like a hive-mind. With such impeccable coordination, should the Flood infect a large enough sentient being, it would become near unstoppable. Did you know that the Forerunners in the Halo universe were so afraid of this deadly alien species that they would have wiped the universe of all life than let these parasites spread? Chilling, isn’t it?

9. The Reapers

If the aliens who threatened to destroy entire worlds sent shivers down your spine, what would you think about Mass Effect’s Reapers? These intergalactic behemoths are a race of giant eldritch monsters who’ve existed since the dawn of time. But why are they so intimidating? Maybe because they are, in a strange and twisted way, galaxy’s janitors?

The Reapers are an alien species that’s been raising sentient life forms and leading them down a technological and evolutionary road of their choosing. After every 50 thousand years, they would casually cleanse the galaxy of all inferior life forms and “harvest” all sufficiently evolved species, turning them into one of their own. Can you guess which category humans fall into?

10. Xenomorphs

Whenever someone thinks aliens nowadays, xenomorphs are likely the first image to come to mind. These iconic monsters are an absolute must-include! 

This alien species has a horrifying life cycle, and it begins inside a human host. If you’ve never seen the scene where one of these bad boys eats their way out of a person’s chest, you’ve probably been living under a rock! But the infantile forms of these creatures are not where the real horror lies.

Being able to lumber on its hind legs, standing twice as tall as an average human, or sprinting on all fours faster than the quickest cheetah, the xenomorph’s strength and speed are unmatched by anything on planet Earth. These creatures possess a pseudo chitin exoskeleton, which makes them highly resistant to trauma, while their razor-sharp claws cut through metal like butter. Even if you’re lucky enough to wound one of these creatures, their acidic blood might be the death of you. Oh, and if you thought that wasn’t terrifying enough, these monsters have a weird fascination for impalement. However you look at it, you’re best off avoiding all encounters with any of these alien life forms, or you’re in for a painful and excruciating death.

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