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Steam Black Friday Shopping Suggestions — Must-Play Games You Have to Try

With Black Friday just around the corner, all our favorite shops will be overflowing with killer deals soon. That includes all gamers’ favorite game store — Steam!

Steam often has plenty of fantastic offers in store for gamers, and it never misses a holiday! The same is bound to be for this year’s Black Friday. From bonus steam points to incredible discounts, the Steam Store is going to get quite busy soon! But what titles should you get yourself for this year’s Black Friday sale? After all, there will likely be thousands if not tens or hundreds of thousands of discounted games available. That’s quite a predicament even for the most hardcore gamers, isn’t it?

Don’t worry if you can’t decide; you’re in the right place! In the spirit of this year’s Steam Black Friday sale, we’ve shortlisted ten fantastic games every avid gamer should try. We’ve primarily included titles from horror and fps genres, so if you’re a fan of these types of games, this shopping list is for you! Oh, and don’t forget to get your friends to join you since most of these titles support co-op!

10 Games You Should Get on This Year’s Steam Black Friday Sale

Here are our shopping recommendations for this year’s Steam Black Friday sale! We hope you enjoy it and get lucky with the discounts!

1. Dead Space 3

It is the perfect time to get back to one of the Sci-Fi horror classics, Dead Space! If you have never had the opportunity to try this title out, now is the perfect time to get on board and experience all the horrors that this masterpiece has to offer. Despite the game being seven years old by now, it still provides a horrifying and thrilling co-op experience while exploring the necromorph-ridden world of Dead Space. So grab your gaming buddy, and start blasting some aliens!

Released: February 2013

User-Defined Tags: Action, Horror, Sci-Fi, Survival, Online Co-Op

Retail Price: 19.99

2. Amnesia: Rebirth

The long-awaited sequel to one of the most iconic horror titles ever is finally here, and it’s on-par with the original! Dive into the insane world of Amnesia: Rebirth and explore the finale to the game’s story. On your way, you will face many fresh challenges and new enemies while learning the answers to the many unanswered questions from the original game. For everyone who wishes to relive the epic moments of the original Amnesia game, this title is a must-buy this Steam Black Friday sale!

Released: October 2020

User-Defined Tags: Survival Horror, Indie, Adventure, Dark

Retail Price: 24.99

3. Borderlands 3

With the recent AAA game price hike that saw many titles’ prices go up, Steam Black Friday sale is the perfect time to get the latest game in the Borderlands franchise! Even if you have never played a single game from the Borderlands universe, you will not regret making this purchase. This game is infamous for its over-the-top humor and its replayability, which should be evidence enough you will get the best bang for your buck.

We wouldn’t be surprised even if you spent hundreds of hours exploring the vast world of Borderlands 3. After all, we know just how addictive it can be to watch legendaries rain from the sky after finally beating that one boss fight that you’ve been wiping on for hours! Oh, and what good is a game with challenging boss fights without some co-op action? Borderlands 3 sure has plenty of it!

Released: March 2020

User-Defined Tags: RPG, Action, Online Co-Op, Looter Shooter

Retail Price: 59.99 (Standard Edition), 79.99 (Super Deluxe Edition), 100 (Ultimate Edition)

4. Phasmophobia

If you haven’t yet heard of this novel indie horror game, how dare you call yourself a horror game fan? Just kidding! But for real — this simple but immensely fun one-man project blew up overnight as soon as it entered its early access phase. If you enjoy new takes on traditional horror, this ghost hunting game is perfect for you! Aside from its incredible replayability and spine-chilling atmosphere, this game will keep you at the edge of your seat for hours, if not hundreds! And the best part about it is that you can share your spooky adventures with some friends!

Released: September 2020

User-Defined Tags: Horror, Online Co-Op, VR

Retail Price: 11.59

5. Doom Eternal

If you are an OG gamer, you likely still dream of the good old days playing Doom on your first PC. Well, Doomguy is back, and he’s bigger than ever!

If you haven’t yet had the opportunity to get your hands on the latest release in the franchise, Doom Eternal, the upcoming Steam Black Friday sale is the perfect moment to do so! Whether you’re a fan of the old-school Doom games or just enjoy fast-paced first-person shooters, this title will rock your world! Are you ready to massacre some demons?

Rip and Tear!

Released: March 2020

User-Defined Tags: Action, FPS, Gore, Demons

Retail Price: 59.99 (Standard Edition), 89.99 (Deluxe Edition)

6. Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard is the latest installment (excluding the recent remasters) in the RE franchise and has received the best critical acclaim out of all RE titles. This game goes back to the franchise’s horror-focused roots, making it a must-play for all fans of the series! What does that mean? It means that ammo will be scarce, while enemies will be plenty!

If you haven’t yet played through the world of Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, the upcoming Steam Black Friday sale is the perfect time to get your hands on it! Trust us when we say that you don’t want to miss out on this game as it contains story elements crucial to understanding the next game in the franchise that is due to be released sometime in 2021!

Released: January 2017

User-Defined Tags: Survival Horror, First-Person, Atmospheric

Retail Price: 29.99 (Standard Edition), 59.99 (Gold Edition)

7. Deep Rock Galactic

What do you get when you combine a bunch of loot-hungry dwarves and Sci-Fi? The shooting frenzy that is Deep Rock Galactic!

This fast-paced FPS takes 1–4 players on a wild adventure through procedurally generated cave systems brimming with all kinds of aliens in a gaming experience you won’t soon forget! Deep Rock Galactic is incredibly entertaining when played with friends, offers excellent character variety with its class-based gameplay, and has many different types of missions, ensuring you are in for hours upon hours of action-packed gameplay.

If you enjoy wild and crazy FPS titles you can play with your buddies, Deep Rock Galactic is the perfect game to try to get on a killer deal for this year’s Steam Black Friday sale!

Released: May 2020

User-Defined Tags: FPS, Action, Co-Op, Class-Based

Retail Price: 29.99 (Standard Edition), 45.99 (Deluxe Edition)

8. Dead By Daylight

Are you a fan of good old Slasher movies? If so, this survival horror experience by Behaviour Interactive is perfect for you!

In this game, you can take on the role of a killer and hunt down and murder four innocent players before they escape, or play as one of the four victims and do your best to escape alive! The choice is entirely on you.

Oh, and the best part is that you can do all of that with your friends. So if you still hold that grudge from a few years ago, why not exact your revenge on the poor soul by sacrificing them to the dark gods? All’s fair in horror games!

Released: June 2016

User-Defined Tags: Survival Horror, Online Co-Op, Multiplayer

Retail Price: 19.99

9. Dead Island Definitive Edition

Are you a fan of zombie games? What about open-world titles? Do you like playing with your friends? If the answer to all of these questions is yes, you’ve found the perfect game to get on this year’s Steam Black Friday sale!

Dead Island is a massive open-world game that will throw you and your friends amidst a zombie-infested tropical island, clinging to your lives. The game plays from the first-person perspective, offers plenty of character and weapon customization, and features tons of unique and challenging enemies. Couple that with its open-world format, and you will have dozens if not hundreds of hours of content to keep you occupied!

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to share this fantastic horror experience with your friends!

Released: May 2016

User-Defined Tags: Zombies, Survival, Co-Op, Open World, Action

Retail Price: 19.99

10. In Silence

Despite this game still being in early access and already pretty cheap, it’s still worth considering as a potential Steam Black Friday sale purchase!

This indie survival horror experience has taken the world by storm due to its terror-inducing gameplay and innovativeness. In Silence will have you and up to three of your buddies explore a dark forest brimming with strange but deadly creatures.

But perhaps what makes this game most horrifying and unique is its sound meter feature. All of the creatures around you are blind, so you and your co-op buddies will have to mind how much noise you’re making unless you want to get dragged down six feet under!

If you were looking for a fresh co-op survival horror experience, In Silence is the perfect title for you!

Released: October 2020

User-Defined Tags: Early Access, Survival Horror, Co-Op

Retail Price: 8.19

What games are you planning to buy for this year’s Steam Black Friday sale? Did you like our suggestions? Let us know in the comments!

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