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Coolest Weapons in Sci-Fi Movies We Wish Really Existed

The science fiction genre explores a wide range of themes that keep us hooked until the very end. There’s artificial intelligence, time travel, teleportation, aliens, parallel universes, and many other classic elements in this genre. But, at the center of it all is the exploration of the human condition. Who are we and where are we going? Sci-fi can give us the answers to these questions.

However, if we’re completely honest, we’re not only drawn to this genre because of big philosophical ideas. There’s something even more riveting — advanced technology, the kind we do not possess (at the moment, at least). Robots, time travel machines, flying cars, this could all become reality one day. Until then, we can always turn to science fiction to find this tech.

If sci-fi movies have taught us anything, it’s that no one can hear you scream in space and that not all aliens come in peace. That’s why it’s crucial to have an arsenal that boasts the latest and greatest firearms that could stop the little green beings from taking over the world. It’s not surprising that powerful and useful weapons are a recurring feature in sci-fi films. Something has to keep humanity and the universe safe.

In this article, we’ll take a look at four most memorable weapons in sci-fi movies. Prepare to be blown away (pun intended).

Here we go!

Noisy Cricket (Men in Black)

Don’t judge a book by its cover. But, most importantly, don’t judge a weapon by its size. This is especially true when we’re talking about the Noisy Cricket, a firearm appearing in Men in Black. Just ask Will Smith, aka Agent J, who has the honor of trying out this weapon. Although he calls it a “midget cricket,” he soon realizes just how powerful it is.

Furthermore, the Noisy Cricket is a tiny, palm-sized firearm that packs a mean punch. Despite its size, this weapon is able to fire a large orb of energy. Namely, it can blow a hole through a wall or level a truck.

But not everyone knows how to handle one of the coolest weapons in sci-fi movies. The Noisy Cricket can hurl the shooter across the room because of the amount of recoil it produces. Use it at your own risk!

PKD Blaster (Blade Runner)

Blade Runner is one of those movies that sci-fi fans love watching over and over again. After all, a film that zeroes in on a former police officer whose task is to retire replicants is bound to be riveting and gripping until the very end. But it isn’t only Rick Deckard who catches our attention. The PKD Blaster is also worth talking about.

Unlike most weapons in sci-fi movies, the PKD Blaster doesn’t have any fancy function. It won’t leave a dent in the wall or send you flying across the room. But, don’t underestimate it — it is still lethal. The reason why we’re including the PKD Blaster on our list is that this is a realistic sidearm (plus, it’s really cool). It looks like it’s from the distant future, but it’s actually manufactured using existing firearms technology. We could see humans outside the sci-fi world wielding this weapon!

Although a realistic weapon, it still has the range and power Deckard needs to hunt and retire replicants running around Los Angeles.

The name “PKD” is a subtle nod to Philip K. Dick, the author who wrote Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? which served as an inspiration for the movie.

ARC Gun (District 9)

We can’t talk about the most memorable weapons in sci-fi movies without mentioning the ARC Gun. It’s impossible to miss this bad boy in District 9, a film that tries to show what would happen if aliens and humans were to coexist on the same planet. Apart from getting introduced to advanced technology, District 9 protagonists catch a glimpse of the ARC Gun as well.

The ARC Gun, also known as the Mulcher, is an alien weapon that is more effective and lethal than anything humans own in the District 9 world. What does this gun do? It fires a bolt of electricity. Once it reaches a living being, the target superheats and explodes in a violent and messy manner. This is because the weapon relies on a dangerous protonic current which has a high damage capability.

Although direct hits are the most effective, the ARC Gun is able to sever limbs and cause burns even with deflected bolts. Not bad for one of the coolest weapons in sci-fi movies, eh?

The ARC Gun cannot be used by human beings as it only interacts with alien DNA. This makes the firearm even more unique.

Phasers (Star Trek)

Phasers have become synonymous with the Star Trek franchise over the years. They first appeared in the original series and were so successful that we can see them in the subsequent films and TV spin-offs as well. This makes the fiream one of the most enduring in the science fiction genre. And it’s impossible not to include it with other cool weapons in sci-fi movies.

Phasers are the common firearm in the arsenal of Starfleet. Most of them fire nadion particle beams. And based on the intensity of the beam, the shooter can achieve a variety of effects. Namely, they can kill a target or use different phaser’s functions. For instance, the shooter can stun, burn, vaporize, or disintegrate a target.

Additionally, the technology is so advanced that you don’t need to have ammo for it. However, phasers can overload if the user pushes them past their limit.

There you have it, four most memorable weapons in sci-fi movies! Which one would you like to have during an alien invasion?

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