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9 Creepiest Subreddits That Will Scare You Out of Your Wits

Reddit is undoubtedly one of the most popular online platforms globally, with over 430 million active users and more than 2.2 million subreddits. The sheer number of communities centered around almost any topic that ever graced human imagination makes Reddit the go-to platform for people of various interests. From video games and memes to politics, Reddit has a place for everybody. And the same applies to fellow horror enthusiasts!

If you enjoy an occasional good scare as much as the next person, Reddit should be your go-to destination! The platform has numerous active and engaging horror communities with content suitable for even the most profound horror connoisseurs. From terrifying real-life events and fictional horror stories to bizarre conspiracy theories, Reddit has it all!

That’s why we decided to highlight some of the spookiest subreddits that are sure to give you the chills. So the next time you go looking for some horror content, know that these nine subreddits have enough to keep you engaged for days! Be warned, though — many of these aren’t for the faint of heart; browse through them at your own risk!

9 Subreddits You Don’t Want to Browse Through Before Bed

Here are our picks for the nine creepiest subreddits that are sure to keep you up at night:

1. /r/Paranormal

Suppose you are an avid supporter of the idea that there are forces out there far beyond our comprehension or enjoy listening to people’s experiences with the paranormal. In that case, this subreddit is perfect for you! This community is filled with people sharing their accounts and experiences with various supernatural entities like demons, ghosts, and much more.

The most notable trait of this subreddit is that, unlike in some other communities where people just share their stories, users frequenting /r/Paranormal often take a more critical approach to these encounters. Many avid Redditors participate in constructive debates centered around the stories of the paranormal that people share. Whether you believe in the impossible yourself and wish to talk to some like-minded individuals or just enjoy doing some paranormal detective work, you will have a blast in this community!

2. /r/NoSleep

If you are looking for a bedtime read or two, you won’t find any here. At least not if you wish to get any shut-eye! This subreddit is one of the oldest Reddit horror communities and has hundreds if not thousands of fictional and non-fictional horror stories. The sheer amount and the variety of content available will keep you occupied for hours on end. This subreddit even gave birth to various spinoff subreddits and even a podcast over the years. However, nothing beats the quality and the terrors one can experience in the OG /r/NoSleep!

3. /r/LetsNotMeet

The most frightening aspect of this subreddit is that all the events people share in it are 100% real! That makes it stick out among the rest of our picks. Dozens of users share horrifying real-life experiences in this community daily, making this spinoff of /r/NoSleep one of the most popular and spookiest subreddits on the platform.

/r/LetsNotMeet features true horror stories from people of all backgrounds, genders, ages, etc. This subreddit is a living reminder that, as entertaining as fictional and paranormal horror may be, the scariest monsters are out there in the real world.

4. /r/TheTruthIsHere

If you are an old-school horror fan and grew up with the X-Files and the like, this subreddit will make you nostalgic! This subreddit is quite a peculiar one as its premise is people sharing their extraterrestrial sightings and experiences. Whether you believe in alien conspiracy theories or not, browsing through this subreddit will offer hours upon hours of entertainment. And who knows — you may even begin to wonder…

5. /r/Skinwalkers

It’s hard to believe any true fan of horror wouldn’t know what skinwalkers are. But just in case you don’t, we’ll quickly fill you in.

According to Native American folklore, skinwalkers are deplorable beasts that came to be after humans committed one of several taboos, like cannibalism or familicide. The legend says that these creatures can shapeshift, mimic voices, and even cast curses upon people or entire communities.

If the above introduction wasn’t enough to paint the picture of what this subreddit is about, we don’t know what will! Browse through the /r/Skinwalkers subreddit whenever you need to satisfy your daily need for some gruesome terror; you won’t be left disappointed!

6. /r/UnresolvedMysteries

If there’s anything more frightening than true horror stories, it’s creepy, unresolved mysteries! Perhaps the only human emotion stronger than fear is curiosity, and you’re bound to find plenty of it in /r/UnresolvedMysteries!

This subreddit is the place to go if you enjoy unexplained real-life mysteries. These can range from unsolved missing person cases to the most horrifying murders. Thousands of Redditors participate in active debates about these cases daily and give their best to contribute toward solving them. If you enjoy having a speck of mystery with your scares or just love playing detective, join the discussion with like-minded peers in /r/UnresolvedMysteries!

7. /r/Glitch_in_the_Matrix

Fans of strange real-life events are going to have a blast in this subreddit! /r/Glitch_in_the_Matrix is a thriving community where people share strange and inexplicable coincidences that made them question their sanity. The subreddit got its name after the famous Matrix trilogy, and its content fits it to the T! Are you curious to find out more? Go give this rich collection of strange events a read!

8. /r/TrueCreepy

/r/TrueCreepy is a vault of disturbing and gut-wrenching content all fans of horror will love! This subreddit focuses more on graphic horror than stories, so it’s easier to digest and browse through than most of the other spooky subreddits on our list. You can find plenty of images, gifs, movie scenes, and user-generated art here, so if that sounds like it’s your cup of tea, pay /r/TrueCreepy a visit!

9. /r/UrbanMyths

Urban myths are a relatively young type of horror, so if you haven’t dabbled into this subgenre before, this is the perfect time to do it! /r/UrbanMyths subreddit is brimming with all sorts of urban legends from all across the globe. Urban horror is fertile ground for contemporary fans and content creators of the genre as many of these stories tend to go viral quite quickly. So if you’re interested in sharing some horror stories yourself, why not join /r/UrbanMyths and try your hand at it?

How do these nine creepy subreddits sound to you? Will you check them out? Which ones are your favorites? Share your thoughts and the most exciting pieces of content you find below!

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