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5 Best “The X-Files” Alien Episodes for Adoring Fans

Best “The X-Files” Alien Episodes for Conspiracy Theory Fans

In Roswell, New Mexico, exactly 73 years ago, the first little green creature arrived. When a United States Army Air Forces balloon crashed at a ranch, stories of flying saucers gripped the nation. It was official — we were not alone in the universe, people thought. And whether you believe in flying discs or not, there’s no denying that the Roswell UFO crash stirred the world’s imagination. It even inspired the creators of the best “The X-Files” alien episodes. But more on that later.

Ever since the incident, people have reported thousands of UFO sightings over the years. Someone or something is trying to make contact. The Pentagon backed this theory when it released a video showing a strange flying craft. Not even skeptics could say that the clip was a hoax. And since the video release, humans have been invested in the hunt for life elsewhere now more than ever before.

Our fascination with UFOs and extraterrestrials inspired many movies and TV shows. In particular, alien conspiracies were a direct inspiration for a TV show that garnered a cult following. Spanning nine seasons and over 200 episodes, “The X-Files” scared millions of die-hard fans to the bone.

As you know, the show follows FBI special agents Fox Mulder (David Duchovny) and Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson) as they search for The Truth. On their path to discover The Truth, Mulder and Scully meet strange beings and witness peculiar incidents. Even decades later, these creatures frighten the hell out of viewers.

If you’re fascinated with aliens, we’ve prepared the five best “The X-Files” alien episodes. Prepare to be spooked out!

Best “The X-Files” Alien Episodes

It’s undeniable that a coherent narrative is behind “The X-Files” grand conspiracy. Aliens and “The X-Files” are inseparable, and most people watch the show to see Mulder and Scully investigate these creatures we can’t get enough of. For true aficionados of the show (and those who are yet to become), we present the five best “The X-Files” alien episodes.

“The Erlenmeyer Flask’ (Season 1)

Not many season finales are that groundbreaking that people talk about them decades after they first premiered. But “The Erlenmeyer Flask” definitely is. The Season 1 finale of “The X-Files” opens with a car chase and culminates with Scully holding an alien body. In this episode, the viewers are one step closer to cracking the conspiracy wide open.

Mulder and Scully have a strange (go figure) case at hand. After a careful investigation, they discover something that could change the world as we know it. The government is experimenting with alien DNA. Finally! People watched and are watching “The X-Files” for this kind of revelation. That’s why “The Erlenmeyer Flask” deserves to be among other best “The X-Files” alien episodes.

During the course of the investigation, the agents discover that an alien-human hybrid needs their immediate attention. What follows is a series of cloning programs, alien DNA, and Syndicate assassins. Rarely does another episode make the viewers feel like nothing would ever be the same again like this one.

“Duane Barry” (Season 2)

These best “X-Files” alien episodes on our list can all be credited with leaving us sleep-deprived. Why sleep when you can research all alien conspiracies that inspire this famous show? However, there’s something that sets “Duane Barry” apart from other episodes. Namely, the episode serves as a basis for future events, including Scully getting abducted by aliens.

In the episode, we meet Duane Barry, a former FBI agent who claims to have been abducted by aliens. The frightening ordeal, whether true or not, has left a devastating impact on Barry. So much so that he was admitted to a mental institution. But, Barry escapes and decides it’s time to meet some old extraterrestrial friends.

He takes psychiatrist Dr. Hakke hostage in order to return to his original abduction site. Barry hopes the aliens will take Dr. Hakke instead of him when they return. Years of nightmares and recollections of his abduction have taken a toll on Barry, and he’s unable to remember where he made close contact with aliens. Perhaps it’s true that he’s unstable?

We won’t give out the answer to this question because “Duane Barry” is a must-see!

“Jose Chung’s ‘From Outer Space’” (Season 3)

An alien abduction of two teenagers is at the forefront of the fascinating episode. This is a breakthrough for agents Moulder and Scully. They now have two witnesses who are ready to recount the story of the horrific incident. But, when the agents sit down with them, something unusual happens.

Cue the intense music for one of our best “The X-Files” alien episodes.

The teenagers reveal different versions of the same facts. How is this possible? No one knows the answer which prompts a science-fiction novelist to write a book about the incident. The eccentric writer Jose Chung sets out to discover The Truth, but no one can tell him the full story with accuracy. See what the writer finds out in this groundbreaking episode.

“Home” (Season 4)

For children (and most of the adults), “Home” was one of the scariest episodes of “The X-Files.” But it was also more than that. Indeed, the episode was a scarring experience, managing to ruin people’s idea of a quiet country life in rural Pennsylvania.

The protagonists, i.e. the Peacock family, together with their strange and twisted lives continue to scare people even today. So, no wonder “Home” is one of the best “The X-Files” alien episodes.


In it, Mulder and Scully are working on a peculiar case. Namely, they need to investigate the death of a baby who was born with severe physical defects. This case brings them to the isolated town of Home, Pennsylvania, where they meet the Peacocks. And this is where the adoring fans are on the edge of their seat. The weird-looking family has not left their house in a decade. What kind of secrets are they hiding? Find out in “Home.”

“The Unnatural” (Season 6)

Remember that Roswell UFO crash we mentioned? The first official UFO sighting inspired “The X-Files” leading actor, David Duchovny, so much that he wrote and directed “The Unnatural.” Duchovny proved that, much like his character, he too was intrigued by the possibility of extraterrestrial life. That’s why this episode is worthy of being mentioned with other best “The X-Files” alien episodes.

In “The Unnatural,” Mulder introduces us to Arthur Dales, the brother of a retired FBI agent. Dales recounts the story of a black baseball player who used to play for the Roswell Grays in, you’ve guessed it, Roswell, New Mexico. He was active during 1947 under the alias “Josh Exley.” Dales claims that Exley was an alien who was passionate about baseball.

Duchovny proved that the Roswell UFO crash was able to confuse and captivate people decades after it had happened. As with other strange incidents, people want to find the answers, going as far as coming up with their own theories like Duchovny did.

Watch this episode to discover what kind of fate befalls Exley.

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