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You don’t need to board a spaceship to get the latest news from the Ripout universe! Press releases and game updates will safely land on this page. We love being in contact with journalists and gamers around the world and sharing relevant information. So follow this page and stay up-to-date!

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Euro Play 2021 – First Contestants Announced for This Year’s “Eurovision for Games” Competition

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15 of the best unreleased games from across Europe set to go head to head on Thursday 26th August as part of gamescom line up Tuesday 17th August, 10am: The first finalists for the Euro Play games contest, sponsored by Kwalee, have been announced. 15 games from across Europe will...

Clash with Alien Mutants Alongside Your Friends and a Living Pet Gun in Ripout

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The official trailer is out for Ripout, a co-op horror first-person shooter featuring a living Pet Gun, reconfigurable monsters, and procedurally generated missions The official trailer is available here. Belgrade, Serbia - August 13, 2021 - Pet Project Games is excited to announce the official trailer for its highly anticipated...

Fight Your Way Through Alien Infested Ships With Friends and a Living Pet Gun in Ripout, coming in 2022

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A co-op horror first-person shooter with a living Pet Gun and randomly generated missions The teaser trailer is available here. Belgrade, Serbia - March 30, 2021 - Indie game company Pet Project Games is proud to announce that its sci-fi horror video game, Ripout, will launch on PC in 2022,...

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