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Thank You for Your Feedback in Ripout Closed Beta — Here’s What Comes Next

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First things first — we want to thank the entire Ripout community for participating in the closed beta and taking the time to share invaluable feedback on our Discord channel. You guys are absolute legends! We’ve received hundreds of useful...
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Ripout at Gamescom 2022: Closed Beta and Official Release Timeframe Revealed

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We have been hard at work on RIPOUT and are well on the way to bringing a game filled with gory horror and co-op fun to players worldwide! Some important things are coming up in the next weeks, so we’d...
ripout going to steamfest 2022

Ripout Goes to Steam Next Fest — DEMO Available Mid-June

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We’re excited to announce that Ripout has officially been accepted to the upcoming Steam Next Fest in June 2022! This festival will last from June 13 to June 20 and will feature hundreds of upcoming indie games in preparation for...
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5 Short Horror Games You Can Enjoy Anytime, Anywhere

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If you’re a fan of horror games, you’ve surely played your fair share of them. In fact, if you’re anything like us, you probably sank in hundreds of hours in your favorites by now! But what if you don’t have...
best horror games for pc to play in 2022

6 PC Horror Games That Will Never Get Old

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Since the early days of PC horror gaming, there have been many horror masterpieces that found their way to the hearts of gamers worldwide. Most of these horror gems stood the test of time and are popular even today, and...
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7 Horror Game Characters Everyone Loves

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We all have fond memories of our favorite horror games. Whether it’s about the times we escaped that monster by a hair’s breadth or successfully surviving a nightmare scenario, these memories make a core part of our horror gaming experience...